Why Republicans stand with president

Updated 12/2/2019 6:11 PM

Mr. Peterson's op-ed of Nov. 20, "Whistleblowers speak for us ..." speaks of the essential role of whistleblowers and the statutory guarantee of anonymity. The statute also provides for exceptions. From explaining the necessity to protect whistleblowers, Mr. Peterson quickly turns to protecting the current "whistleblower."

This leaker was anointed a whistleblower by Schiff precisely to hide him. What is there to hide? The complaint was based on information leaked by a mole in the White House. This doctored secondhand information launched the current impeachment sham.


The "whistleblower" must testify under oath. This is a matter of national urgency to fully investigate the facts surrounding the document. The impeachment of a president is a grave matter indeed. We need to know the genesis of a document so powerful that it may take a president down. Let him testify.

Mr. Peterson states that the president's actions in Ukraine were wrong. He questions why we Republicans using "twisted logic" defend him and attack those that don't agree with us.

I tell you why we are defending the president. The Democrats have waged a campaign to impeach President Trump from the day he was sworn in. Over two years we endured the Russian hoax, no collusion. This Ukrainian hoax is just a continuation of the impeachment campaign.

Six weeks of hearings, nothing. Throughout all this only President Trump worked for the American people, for us. To accuse us of abandoning our conscience to defend a president who, according to the Democrats, is a criminal, is reprehensible. Shame on you.

Laszlo Stephan


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