The Soapbox: Daily Herald editors express things they're grateful for on Thanksgiving Weekend.

The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted11/30/2019 1:00 AM

Family, one might say, is not a noun but a verb. It is constantly changing. This year, I am thankful both for the memories I look at daily in desktop pictures of family events when our sons were young children and for the new relationships we're all building now as adults. Blessings past. Blessings present. New blessings still to come. -- Jim Slusher, Deputy Managing Editor for Opinion

With the best neighbors, a support system arises in which we become wholly-owned subsidiaries of each other. You feed our cat; we walk your dog. You rake our leaves; we mow your lawn. The relationship is a happy accident, but I look upon these people every day with gratitude. -- Renee Trappe, Southern Illinois Group Editor


I am thankful for my grandchildren. Two toddlers and a baby, who brighten any room they are in. They are full of energy and wonder and innocence. Everything, from the scent of a flower to the buzz of a bee to the lights on a Christmas tree, is a new experience. They are truly a gift. -- Pete Nenni, Deputy Managing Editor

I'm thankful for a day in which to reflect on all the blessings, and challenges, life offers. Blessings in the form of family and friends, here and gone, who remain close to the heart, and challenges that keep me focused on doing the best I can each day. -- John Radtke, High School Sports Editor

I am thankful for many warm, wonderful memories of Thanksgivings past with family members now long gone -- my father, grandparents, in-laws and uncle. And I am thankful for the delights of the present -- spending time with my husband, my sons, my mom and so many others who make my life complete.

-- Lisa Friedman Miner, Metro Editor

Facebook's 10-year photo challenge prompts a decade of gratitude -- for my husband, for my parents, for my brother, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, in-laws and cousins, for my friends, for a job I love, and for, I hope, aging somewhat gracefully. -- Michelle Holdway, News Editor

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I am thankful for my curiosity and wanderlust and for the man who gave them to me ... a man who is still happy to trudge with my wife and me to whatever corner of the world we dream up. -- Jim Baumann, Managing Editor

Aside from family, friends and all other loved ones near and far, I am increasingly thankful for courteous drivers. They seem to be getting harder to find by the day. Let's all strive to make the roads safer. - Don Friske, Associate Sports Editor/Nights

This year I keep looking back at all the pictures in my files, and I realize that I'm lucky for all the trips I've taken, especially with my wife, who is awesome; that I have a great mom and stepdad and sister, and such good people throughout our extended family; and that overall I'm living awfully well. -- Neil Holdway, Assistant Managing Editor/Copy Desk

I'm grateful for many blessings - family and friends, good health and opportunities to make great memories alongside loved ones. I'm grateful for a pair of amazing kids whose growth never ceases to astound me. And I'm grateful for the curveballs life has thrown my way, challenges that have taught me more about empathy, humility, patience and kindness than I could have imagined. - Chuck Keeshan, Deputy City Editor


Family, friends and health: These are the things I'm eternally grateful for this Thanksgiving. This has been a year of opportunities but also one of obstacles. The support of my family and friends has made all the difference. I can't thank them enough for being there for me when I needed it the most. - Caroline Linden, News Editor

I am grateful I met my wife through the wonders of social media. Except this was 1971 and our social media was a science desk at York High School where one day a little red-haired girl used a pencil to write, "Hi. How are you?" to no one in particular. I wrote back, "I'm fine, how are you?" Forty-eight years later, I'm still fine. And thankful. -- Bob Smith, DuPage Editor

I am grateful for my three siblings and many nieces and nephews who help look after my widowed mother. We're all happy she enjoys her independence as she heads into her 82nd year. She doesn't like to ask for help and seldom has to. Having a loving family unit is so important, and for that I'm exceedingly thankful. -- Mike Smith, Sports Editor

I'm thankful for grace and second chances; for the precious gift that every breath of life provides; and for family and friends who enrich, inspire and sustain. -- John Lampinen, Editor

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