Education will always be key to good jobs

Updated 12/2/2019 6:11 PM

The Daily Herald story Nov. 11 that 53 million people are in low-paying jobs distorts the truth.

It does not address how many of those people are working part-time as young people or older workers trying to supplement their incomes in retirement. But more importantly, that for many even full-time workers, it is their first job.


Ultimately though, there is absolutely no way a worker can achieve middle wage or higher without first getting a good education and/or learning a trade. This hasn't changed in this country in 100 years. So some advice to young people:

Stay in school and graduate high school.

Go to college, even if only part-time, to get good at what you have interest in. Preferably STEM-related or go to a trade school or community college to learn a trade that interests you.

Continue to learn, even after you have a job. Never stop. Change is inevitable in life.

Good-paying jobs don't just happen. There is a need and to fill that need, you must be ready to answer. This hasn't changed in 100 years either.

Richard Francke


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