Yes, 2020 election will determine our future

Updated 11/12/2019 2:24 PM

In a reply to Jake Serafini from Carpentersville: You're right we will speak volumes all right in 2020 but we sure won't be silent. The Democrats have been lying and crying since the last presidential election. It's absolutely sickening, all while your party has not gotten one thing done.

Granted, our president is different, outspoken and certainly not politically correct. Not even Presidential at times. You know what Jake we're sick of politically correct. There's too many good people in the Republican Party to even count; we just don't have time to interrupt news conferences, picket, rally or solicit fake news because we are too busy working hard and supporting the people we love without handouts.


Don't lecture us on how we view sexuality, religion, politics, or immigration. A good 50% of the population disagrees with you and your beliefs and you're right: Lets see what happens in 2020. It's not just about the presidential election. It's about beliefs and our country being split for goodm all due to the Democrats pushing their doomed agenda.

Joe Jandrisits


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