Some in GOP need a civics lesson

Updated 11/12/2019 2:16 PM

Clearly some Republican members of the House, along with the entire White House, are ignorant of some basic civics they should have learned before they were old enough to vote. Either the educational system has failed them or they are suffering from selective forgetfulness, or worse, attempting to undermine due process.

An impeachment inquiry is conducted in much the same way as a criminal investigation by the police and prosecutor's office. It is conducted in the House of Representatives. The investigators gather pertinent information about the accused's conduct and decide if there is an impeachable crime. The accused has no say in the matter, except in any statement made to the investigators. And the findings of the investigation are kept secret. In the end, the House votes whether to impeach and turn the matter over to the Senate for an impeachment trial.


An impeachment trial is very similar to a court trial. It is conducted in the Senate and presided over by a judge. The House presents its accusations and evidence and the accused, in this case the president, gets to put on a defense. Once both sides present their arguments, the Senate acts as a jury and votes whether to impeach or exonerate.

Storming the hearings, yammering about standing up to the impeachment inquiry, and all other inappropriate behavior, only proves the ignorance (or subterfuge) of those engaging in it and makes a stronger point about why they should not be in the position to govern this country.

Jamie Smith


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