Media fought him from the beginning

Updated 11/12/2019 2:17 PM

Regarding your Oct. 29 editorial "Why isn't this man loved?": A better headline would be "Why have liberal politicians, biased newspapers and TV stations and their minions created an atmosphere of sustained hate?" which began on the very first day after President Trumps election.

A devious plan to destroy him because their choice, Hillary Clinton, did not win. Trump did not fit their ideas. He was an outsider -- not a former politician or statesman who could be manipulated by the press, big money or others who could control him to fit their wishes.


He was the enemy. So, no matter the good he accomplishes they will either not report it or twist it to make it look as negative as possible. With his programs, he has lowered unemployment to under 4%, created more jobs than we have people to fill them, presides over positive economic growth, minimized ISIS, protected our southern border even with Democrats fighting him every step, helped our trade with other nations, rebuilt our military, shut off funding to Iran and much more.

He met with military leaders in a plan to capture or eliminate the ISIS leader and butcher of multi-thousands of innocent people Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Never do these news pundits agree, praise or publish articles that reflect favorably on Trump. Never.

Collusion, obstruction, Russian spy, impeachment, etc. dominate headlines as the media does the left's bidding. They continue even though their actions weaken our nation, divide our citizens and spread misinformation.

Dislike Trump, disagree with him etc., but surely our media has an obligation to the American people to print the truth.

Paul Saam


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