Townships provide needed services efficiently

Posted10/31/2019 1:00 AM

I'd like to address the Oct. 2 guest column titled "Consolidations would reduce costs, improve efficiency" from members of the Palatine Area League of Women Voters.

There are inaccuracies in this piece that should not be overlooked. Suggesting abolishing townships would save taxpayers money is misguided. The truth is there are not studies or hard data saying that removal of townships would completely remove or substantially lower a tax levy. Which means taxpayers would see little to no savings on their tax bill. They would, however, see the negative impact it would have on their community.


Townships are increasingly relied upon to serve the most vulnerable populations like the hungry, low-income residents, older adults and people with disabilities. Townships and other local governments work hand in hand to ensure there are no duplications of services. Thus, townships are uniquely positioned to fill the gaps left behind from the municipalities and counties.

In 2018 the Township of Schaumburg provided nearly 27,000 rides to seniors and people with disabilities to attend doctor's appointments, receive dialysis treatments and go grocery shopping and also helped residents earn $446,518 in utility-bill credits. The authors suggest these residents should go online to file appeals and exemptions. Since January, the Township has already experienced over 11,000 visits to the Assessor's Office. It is clear residents value our services and expertise in handling these complicated matters.

The Township provides these services and more for 1.55% of the tax bill. To put it in perspective, for a home that is $324,430 that's about $135 a year.

Consolidation is a worthy conversation but calling for a blanket removal of all townships is irresponsible. Please take the time to visit your local township and see for yourself the services they offer before calling for their dissolution.

Timothy M. Heneghan, Supervisor

Schaumburg Township

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