Getting Trump

Posted10/14/2019 1:00 AM

Often supporters of our president seem to be confused by those who oppose him. I've heard it said that opponents "Just don't get him." This idea is flat out wrong. Opponents "Get Trump," get that he is a bully, a liar, a cheat, believes he is above the law, and, like all despots, he demonizes anyone who opposes him. Never mind that he would make a deal with the devil if he thought it would get him reelected.

I ran into my first bully on the playground during my grade school years. During my adult years, I found some in business or in political positions. The power and popularity of all of them was short-lived. Fact is, people don't like being bullied. The favoritism given the sycophants who surround them is short lived and sooner or later, they too experience the wrath of the bully.


Please, let's not elect another one.

John S. Strauss

Campton Hills

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