Add clean jobs bill to actions for environment

Updated 10/11/2019 11:13 AM

We recycle paper, plastic and glass. We avoid idling the car engine when waiting to pick up the kids at school. Maybe we even walk to school or to do our local errands. But even the most fastidious attention to these environmental actions isn't nearly enough.

We Illinois residents can do something that will help put our state on a path to reduce the equivalent of 1 million gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles from the road. We can support the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA). The bill is currently pending in the Illinois Senate (SB2132) and Illinois House (HB3624).


Why support this bill? If we pass it, it will create and expand programs like Illinois Solar for All, which are focused on creating jobs and economic opportunities in the clean energy field for communities that need them most. The bill also addresses the need for training and jobs for former employees of the fossil fuel industry. Among other things, by redirecting existing funds, it will start to electrify the transportation sector to address pollution from vehicles.

There's more to this bill. How can you get more information? Visit the Clean Jobs website

How can you support the bill? Call or email your Illinois senator and representative and ask them to support the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

But please, don't stop recycling, turning off that engine, and walking.

Diane Dassow


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