Trump haters are polarizing the nation

Articles have been printed in the fence post by anti-Trump Democrats containing hateful rhetoric including lies, smears and misguided personal opinions about our president. He is not a racist because he told AOC and her three American hating cohorts to go back to their own countries. He is not a white supremacist, misogynist, greedy, a destroyer of families and on and on.

Why such hateful attitudes? They are promoted by Democratic politicians at every level and carry over to Democratic voters. Disagree with president Trump and perhaps not particularly like him, but why hate, hate, hate? This hate is polarizing our nation.

The Trump bashing and hate is also being spewed by the Democratic presidential hopefuls and they include Trump supporters in their tirades. To garner votes they are proposing "pie in the sky" ideas - free health care, free college, free and unlimited abortion, guaranteed wage for all whether choosing to work or not, socialism, open borders and more to appeal to - ahem, do I dare use their terminology for Trumpers - ignorant, unsophisticated and generational Democrats.

Too bad they can't come up with ideas that lower unemployment, create more jobs, battle for American interests in tariff wars, reduce taxes, encourage industry and business, bring American jobs back from China, control immigration, etc. Oh! Trump has already accomplished these and we could accomplish so much more if our "do nothing" Democratic Congress would wake up and try to do what is right for America.

Paul Saam.


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