Blacks are victors, not victims

Posted9/9/2019 1:00 AM

Why do I read more negative articles than positive articles about blacks? I read very little about the miraculous progress of blacks in America. You'd never know that America had a two-term black president.

There is much for us blacks to be grateful for and yet, for some diabolical reason, the media is constantly working to portray us blacks as victims.


I recently read a news article titled, "Why would you just come out shooting?" A man shot a black teen as the teen yielded a weapon after being warned to leave the property.

I am so sorry that the lady lost her son that way. However, my questions still persist. Does being black release one of personal responsibility? Does being black make one exempt from natural consequences?

My neighbor asked a black woman why she left her government-provided house in such bad shape when she moved out. She said, "It ain't my house."

When we identify as victims, we perceive the world as a place that owes us something. We fail to take personal responsibility for our actions and strongly resent the natural consequences that come as a result of our injurious actions toward others.

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The media says that President Donald Trump is a racist. Meanwhile the president is providing equal opportunities to all races while at the same time challenging all races to contribute.

The media, who call the president a racist, often portray us blacks as victimized sub-humans who are in constant need of help from the government.

Mr. Trump's actions toward blacks demonstrates that he sees us as equals while the actions of the media demonstrate that they prefer to see us as inferior victims.

Dear media, we are not victims. We are victors.

Charles Danyus

Round Lake Beach

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