Be responsible about autumn air

Posted9/9/2019 1:00 AM

The cooler temperatures are a siren song to folks that have burn pits. I understand the cachet ... faux camping in the back yard, fun for the kids, actual conversations and the occasional burned marshmallow.

Along with the fun comes a responsibility to your neighbors. Consider the elderly, folks who have breathing issues such as asthma, babies with young lungs.


We like to have our windows open to enjoy the autumn air, but the odors of burning material enter the house. We like to sit outside too, but are often driven inside by blowing smoke and overpowering stench.

The biggest part of the problem is that almost anything winds up being burned -- trash, cardboard, "green" yard waste, paper cups, newspapers and magazines. What should be burned only is seasoned wood. If you wouldn't burn it in your home's fireplace, it shouldn't be burned in the outside pit.

Also, if it's a windy evening, it's not a good idea to light up but if you must, keep a hose handy if it gets out of control.

The odors linger in the air for a long time when its humid and even if there is a breeze.

Thanks in advance for sharing the fresh, cool, autumn air.

Delynn Winkelman

Arlington Heights

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