Ives is too extreme for 6th District

Right-wing extremist Jeanne Ives recently launched her GOP primary bid in our 6th Congressional District by trying to paint herself as a moderate. Maybe she hopes to hide from voters the far-right rhetoric and positions that reveal who she really is.

Here are a few facts from her recent past of which voters should be aware.


1) has described those in a same-sex marriage as "disordered";

2) supports allowing those afflicted with mental illness to retain guns;

3) scheduled a fundraiser with a guest speaker who purports that African-Americans are inferior to whites, though she pulled him from the program at the last minute;

4) accepted as her biggest donor the largest contributor to the Senate campaign of accused pedophile Roy Moore of Alabama; and

5) has compared teachers who provide support to transgender students to "dirty old men."

Clearly, Ives and her extreme views are out of step with the voters of the 6th District. As the campaign unfolds and voters consider her candidacy, hopefully they will remember those wise words, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them."

Jerry Freda


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