The real blame for Chicago's violence

Posted8/18/2019 1:00 AM

Some authorities state that Chicago has experienced more than 1,400 people shot and more than 300 killed by gunfire this year. Numerous persons and entities have been blamed for this unacceptable level of violence. It has been placed on the Chicago Police Department, previous mayor and the current mayor. I believe the blame lies elsewhere.

The troika of state's attorney Kim Fox, Chief Judge Timothy Evans and Sheriff Tom Dart hold much of the blame.


The Cook County state's attorney refuses to charge individuals with the felony charges that are brought to her by both city and suburban police departments. A review of a website titled "Crime in Wrigleyville and Boys Town" reveals story after story supporting this. You can view multiple instances of repeat felony offenders released with ridiculously low bonds under Judge Evans' affordable-bond program.

One judge under his supervision has released multiple repeat violent offenders for bonds of only hundreds of dollars while charging the persons accused of defacing "The Bean" with thousands of dollars in bond because he "was offended" by their crime.

Sheriff Dart is responsible for the colossal failure of the county's electronic monitoring program, which can easily be defeated and his efforts to keep his jail population as low as possible.

The ultimate blame for any act of violence rests with the individual who commits the act. The presence in our communities of persons with a history of repeat offenses lies with these three individuals at the head of our criminal justice system. It is by their actions and polices that much of this summer of blood is on their hands.

Jack Enter

Des Plaines

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