Trump did not have experience to be president

Posted8/17/2019 1:00 AM

For the life of me, I cannot understand why voters elected Trump as president. This man appears to be the typical schoolyard bully and with all of his tweets, it shows he is not busy enough being president. Trump is unable to restrain himself from answering all the tweets that come at him. That bothers me insofar as him dealing with North Korea, Iran, etc. I was appalled at his latest bullying of the city of Baltimore; this man shows no empathy for anyone.

The people seem to have not questioned his experience in gov­ernment when electing him. Has he been mayor of a city, a governor of a state, a congressman, senator? Is he a lawyer? No for all answers, plus he dodged military service because of "bone spurs." Come on, that is like saying you have a toothache.


Hillary Clinton lived in the White House for eight years. She was secretary of state for eight years. She is a lawyer. The Clintons are very wealthy but appear to put their finances to good use.

Stop and think. If Hillary had committed a serious breach of anything prior to and during the campaign, she would have been incarcerated prior to Election Day.

I am a firm believer that any person elected president of our country should have some miliary experience; when in the military, you know more about what is going on in the government more so than us civilians.

Having money does not mean you have class. Trump has no class at all. May God bless America and all of us, too.

Florence C. Baker


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