Impeachment, really?

Posted8/17/2019 1:00 AM

Now that members of the House are home for a six-week vacation, let's look at impeachment from a layman's viewpoint. Exactly what was the terrible crime or conduct of the president that warrants impeachment?

No. 1. There seems to be agreement with Mueller's conclusion that Trump did not collude with Russia, even though some in Congress seem to still want to chase down that rabbit hole. If there was any collusion, it seems like it might have been with the Clinton campaign over things like the Steele dossier and Fusion GPS. We shall soon know all about that. Even then it is not at all clear what laws would have been broken.


No. 2. The only other thing is obstruction of justice. Now, Mueller could have been legally fired by Trump for no reason at all, but he wasn't. Would that have been obstruction? How could it have been? The Department of Justice would just have appointed another special counsel and the work of special counsel would have continued. Mueller said on at least two occasions that he was never obstructed with and that the White House turned over every conceivable document (tens of thousands) that was requested and allowed everyone and anyone to be interviewed by the special counsel. What kind of obstruction is that?

Now Trump is no saint and says/tweets things he probably shouldn't. But so did many other presidents. Impeachable? Take out your frustration at the ballot box. You will have five and a half years to get over it. Oh yes, and since when did any prosecutor, any and ever, exonerate anyone? Never.

Roland G. Ley

Arlington Heights

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