Clarifying thoughts on religious tolerance

Posted8/17/2019 1:00 AM

In response to Mary Plunkett's letter on "religious hypocrisy," I would like to express my disappointment in her not finding "religious tolerance" in the Wheaton public schools.

Public schools practice separation of church and state. All students, regardless of religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc., have a place in the public schools.


Although the curriculum can be controlled to not include religion, students attending the schools can make individuals who hold certain views feel unwelcome. This is unfortunate, unacceptable and not "Christian" at all.

It also is not a recent problem. Religion is personal, private and no one should be made to feel "less than" because of who they pray to or how they worship.

The second half of Mary Plunkett's letter went on to express her displeasure for Sean Casten being our representative in Congress since he is a "proud atheist." There needs to be a reminder that religious freedom also includes the freedom to not attach oneself to any religion.

The second complaint about Sean Casten was that on his Facebook page, he seemed to be "favoring some religions over others" because he was "celebrating" a Buddhist festival and an Islamic holiday. This was taken as an indication that he believes in God, therefore is not an atheist and is therefore "disingenuous." Just as an example: I may go to Veggie Fest, but I'm not a vegetarian; I have tickets to see the Gospel Choir from London that sang at the Royal Wedding, but I am not going to join their church and don't believe in their God.

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I think it's commendable that any person, especially a member of Congress, is willing to broaden their knowledge and understanding of different religions because Sean is representing all people in the 6th District, not just atheists and Catholics.

Cheryle Ruceis

Glen Ellyn

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