Judge Trump on his record, not tweets

Posted8/13/2019 1:00 AM

Permit me to summarize what the current Democratic Party stands for: 1) embrace socialism, 2) open borders and free health care, food, housing and education for illegals, 3) demonize the border agents, 4) voting rights for people in prison including murderers, rapists and domestic terrorists, 5) legal abortion up to moments before the birth of a child, 6) a man allowed to declare that he is a woman and enter women's washrooms/locker rooms and 7) an end to private medical insurance.

We also are told on a daily basis what a terrible country this is and of the many sins of the Founding Fathers. The country is supposedly racist, sexist, etc., despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of immigrants are desperate to get here, legally or not.


I do not like everything that Trump says and wish he would tweet less. But then I look at the booming economy, super-low jobless rate, ISIS smashed though not eliminated, China finally being challenged after decades of unfair trade practices and Europe being told to defend itself and stop relying on the American taxpayer.

Next, I hope he will withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. I can live with the impolite tweets when I see what he has accomplished versus the very scary alternative.

Lastly, we were told for over two years that Trump was essentially a Russian agent, despite the fact that he increased sanctions on Russia, sent heavy weapons to Ukraine and dropped out of the Iran deal. We also were told that somehow he helped Russia interfere with the 2016 election. We now know that this charge is false, and I'd like to ask, prior to the 2016 election, who was in charge? Oh that's right, all Democrats.

Stefanie O'Reilly


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