Age of hysteria

Posted8/13/2019 1:00 AM

We are living in the United States of Hysteria with opining being done by the mass media -- forget reporting all of the facts. Accountability is not a word that is identified any longer in our society.

Traditional family and faith are looked down upon. You are a racist if you fight back with words or ideas that differ with persons of color.


Anti-fascists can cover their faces and do harm, but still there is no accountability from the mass media. Police can be called names, spit upon and have buckets of water poured over them. Children in Chicago can enjoy summer fun having a piñata of an ICE official or let's have a game where kids throw balls at an image of our president. Once again indoctrinating our youth.

Hope it isn't too late for America to open its eyes to the chipping away of our society by those who have disdain for our way of life.

Mary Lou Olhava

Arlington Heights

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