Flags at half-staff becoming common

Updated 8/12/2019 10:50 AM

As sad as it sounds, we might as well leave the flags at half-staff. If nothing changes, mass murders will likely continue to be the norm.

It's a complicated issue, but here are two common-sense (partial) solutions: (1) Make it illegal to buy, sell or possess a semi-automatic assault weapon. There's an obvious reason they're called assault weapons: They are designed to kill many people quickly. (2) Require background checks and registration of anyone who owns or buys a firearm. Does anyone doubt that there are some people who should not be in possession of a deadly weapon?


Yes, there are many details to work out, but other countries have done it. And yes, it would be taking away some people's "right to bear arms." But for perspective, compare that to the "right to life" of the 31 people recently killed in mass murders.

T. Kreuser


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