First, give reparations to Native Americans

Posted8/4/2019 1:00 AM

"Dear" Democratic candidates: In your effort to secure the votes of ethnic groups by dangling reparations in their faces, you've forgotten the oldest and most abused people, Native Americans. They were here first.

We stole their land, gave them blankets embedded with deadly diseases, made them walk hundreds of miles to "reservations," starved them, raped them, confiscated their children (their children!) to be raised in orphanages so they would forget their families, their culture, their language, and totally destroyed their spirit and their way of life. Their tribes and communities are still attempting to recover from this horrible and devastating treatment.


How many Native American doctors are there? Politicians? School teachers? Business owners? So, if reparations are to be given, the Native Americans should be the first recipients. Everyone else, get in line.

Eleanor Wasielewski


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