We should be talking more about space tourism

Posted7/22/2019 1:00 AM

Richard Branson, British business mogul, announced recently that his company, Virgin Galactic, is going public, making this the first space company to do so. While this made splashes in some circles, this development ought to amaze every one of us.

It was only half a century ago when Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon, after years of research and billions of dollars spent. Space was incredibly expensive and only for the greatest scientific minds. This isn't the case anymore.


Today, not only is private ownership of space tourism companies reality, but flights themselves are seemingly months, not even years, away. Both Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos' space company, are planning public flights into space this year. How long until families are deciding between Cancun and the moon for a spring-break trip?

It is entirely likely that in a few decades, flights around our solar system will be affordable and regularly scheduled. O'Hare may have to open up a Terminal Six: Intergalactic departures and arrivals. As crazy as it sounds, it's closer than we realize.

Aside from just tourism, this could change the game of traveling between countries. Elon Musk's SpaceX is flirting with the idea to cut travel times drastically. Using a rocket and the Earth's rotation to get anywhere on the planet, in under an hour.

Space is more accessible than ever before. Flights may be for the wealthy right now, but in a couple decades, I'm confident a good number of us will experience a view of Earth only witnessed by a couple dozen humans to date.

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Whether or not you're planning on buying stock in the industry, we all need to talk more about this exciting new frontier and the incredible opportunities it offers the human race, all within our lifetimes.

Benjamin Wilson


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