Kirk's and Turning Point's true colors

Posted7/22/2019 1:00 AM

The recent opinion piece by Charles Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, caught my eye. The byline describes him as the leader of a conservative youth organization. Just a little digging would have shown this organization's true colors as a right-wing arm of the GOP. He is referred to by some as "Kid Trump" despite the group's mission stating it is a nonpartisan. 

I first became aware of him and his organization at a local rally against Trump's Muslim ban where his group questioned the speakers as to why anyone would think that allowing Muslims or immigrants into the U.S. was a good thing. His group is rife with people with alt-right and white nationalist views. His followers post racist comments and rape memes on social media sites and several universities have had to sanction local chapters for their inflammatory posts and statements.


His group has made attempts at infiltrating our local elections with his young candidate devotees.

Kirk says he is leaving Illinois because of the financial situation here, yet it is more likely he is finding fewer folks interested in his rhetoric. I say good riddance. Let Florida have you. Too bad the Herald gave this guy a platform and did not do a better job of describing his organization for what it really is -- a conspiracy theory group looking to brainwash our young adults.  

Carole H. Martz

Mount Prospect

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