How about accountability matrix for gas tax?

Posted7/22/2019 1:00 AM

We have recently become aware of the gas tax impact at the pump. We have heard the governor say that all the money earned via this tax will be kept in a lock box and will only be used to improve our roads, bridges and Metra systems.

Can we therefore see an accountability matrix with the columns that address project name and location, brief description of the project and it's goal, anticipated start and stop dates and estimated cost? This would be followed by the columns: actual start date, actual finish date, actual money spent.


Naturally there would be two columns for the tax revenue receipts and the drawdown, i.e., money spent.

Pretty simple, updated monthly. Maybe call it the "gas tax accountability ledger?" The ledger could be published in the Daily Herald and at the governor of Illinois' website.

James Miller

Arlington Heights

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