Elected officials need to work smarter

Posted7/13/2019 1:00 AM

To elected officials of Kane County and the state of Illinois:

More tax increases from the new governor. Illinois is already in the top two highest-taxing states. In my 30-plus years of living in Illinois, I have rarely seen any tax deduction programs.


It appears our elected officials have not explored tax deduction possibilities from surrounding states and other states or there would have been major tax reductions.

Other states do not have any super-high school taxing programs. Other states have consolidated the number of school districts, which reduces the volume of administrative positions.

In Kane County, 60% of our property taxes go to the school districts and 60% of that number is the administration costs. Be like our neighboring states and others in the USA and consolidate school districts, which will reduce our property tax bills.

On other issues, Kane County and the state of Illinois should change the way road work is done. Change the road construction projects to night time like our neighboring states and many other states. Nighttime work is cheaper and the projects are less costly due to the road projects getting completed quickly when work is done at night.

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One of the larger cities in Kane County does not handle road potholes promptly but all construction trucks are allowed to drive over the potholes to handle new residential home construction.

Will you be paying taxpayers for the auto damages done by late road construction and unfilled potholes? Receipts are available from the auto repair shops identifying that damages were done by road potholes.

Elected officials should operate like Fortune 500 companies who find cost reduction programs. Operate like our neighboring states and create lower taxes for Illinois residents of Kane County and the state of Illinois.

Norm Turner

Campton Hills

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