With megachurches come megaproblems

Posted7/11/2019 5:00 AM

I am a member of a small, mainline Protestant church in Hoffman Estates.

My church will never make the front page of the Daily Herald. Maybe that is a good thing considering the news stories over the past year about problems at two prominent megachurches.


Our church is happy to be mentioned in the Neighbor section on occasion for some of the mission work we do. Our church is a vital part of the community with its doors open to various groups that use our facilities.

We have a wonderful pastor, but I wouldn't call her charismatic. That's not her style. She's a good preacher, and she is very sincere and dedicated to leading our faith community. She preaches the Word of God from the Bible (megachurches don't have a corner on that).

I'd like to suggest that anyone who is disillusioned right now with megachurches try one of the smaller churches in your community. You might be pleasantly surprised. All are welcome at my church. Whether you are a longtime Christian or a seeker, give a small church a chance. Yes, the pastor and the whole congregation will get to know you over time and care about you.

If you prefer to worship anonymously then maybe a megachurch or watching a television evangelist is best. In any case, I hope you receive the good news of the Gospel.

Stewart Truelsen

Hoffman Estates

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