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Updated 7/8/2019 10:08 AM

Somebody wasn't thinking

The Illinois Fire Safety Alliance illustrated the dangers of fireworks by lighting up a sparkler that set fire to a wooden dummy and its T-shirt, which prominently displayed an American flag. The educational reminder was good, but really, they had to demonstrate by burning the flag?


Protecting those who protect us

Elizabeth Kelly, widow of state trooper James Sauter, spoke at a fundraiser in Gurnee for the families of three troopers killed on the roadways. Kelly urged drivers to pay attention and slow down. It's unfortunate is that she needed to.

A new home for Ribfest:

Naperville without Ribfest? When the gates close tonight at Knoch Park near downtown, the city's signature fest for the past 31 years will pack up and head to a new home in Romeoville. Thanks for the memories.

Creepy circus:

Paranormal Cirque bills itself as part circus, part theater and part cabaret. It'll pitch its black and red tent in Gurnee for 13 performances in mid-July. Think Barnum and Bailey meets Thriller meets Zumanity. Must be 17 or older, with a high tolerance for creepiness, no doubt.

Weather alert:

After storms forced two Fox River rescues in less than a week, St. Charles officials say they are looking for ways to warn boaters when bad weather approaches. If you're planning to take a boat out, shouldn't there be some personal responsibility to check the forecast to determine if you can set sail safely?

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On best behavior?

Our completely unscientific observations from the first few days of new penalties for handling your phone while driving: Fewer people seem to be driving distractedly. But can you hang in there long enough to create a habit?

Or on pest behavior?

The West Nile virus was found in a batch of mosquitoes in Highland Park, the Lake County Health Department says. Warding off bites is annoying but necessary. Use a repellent that contains DEET, drain standing water in your yard and wear long sleeves, long pants and closed-toe shoes while you're outside.

Summer and hydration, Part 1

If you're hydrated, your skin produces moisture so you're less apt to feel overheated.

Summer and hydration, Part 2

If you're hydrated, your kidneys and your entire digestive system work better. (On the other hand, if you like the feeling of constipation, don't hydrate.)

Summer and hydration, Part 3

If you're hydrated, you're less likely to get wrinkles when you get older.

Summer and hydration, Part 4

If you're hydrated, you have more energy and feel less tired.


Summer and hydration, Part 5

If you're hydrated, your muscles are more efficient, which means you work and compete better.

Summer and hydration, Part 6

If you're hydrated, you're less apt to have back, neck and other spine-related problems.

Summer and hydration, Part 7

If you're hydrated, you put less stress on your heart.

Summer and hydration, Part 8

If you're hydrated, your brain works better.

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