Governor should let voters decide on townships

Posted7/6/2019 1:00 AM

Why are so many citizens calling for the elimination of the outdated township form of government? Because they are angry about their property tax bills that are supporting Illinois' nation leading 1,432 township governments.

Over 90% of township revenues come from property taxes, municipal governments receive about 10%, county government about 30%. Townships do not plow city roads, but city residents, who rarely travel on township roads, pay 80% of property taxes collected by townships and their township road districts.


Are there townships in the Southern states? No. Are there townships in the Western states? No. Homeowners in those 30 states, 60% of all states, do not pay taxes to support townships, and they are getting by just fine. Should there be townships in McHenry County? No.

State Rep. David McSweeney has legislation sitting on Gov. Pritzker's desk waiting for his signature that would allow voters in McHenry County, at the ballot box, to decide whether to get rid of their townships. McSweeney's bill, with leadership from Sen. Terry Link, passed the Senate by a 44-to-3 vote, a 94% margin.

I am a trustee in McHenry Township, McHenry County, and I support HB 348, which will give county voters the opportunity for property tax relief. Gov. Pritzker, please stand up for voters and sign this bill.

Bob Anderson

Wonder Lake

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