We're finally making Paul Harvey proud

Posted6/20/2019 1:00 AM

" ... stand by for NEWS!"

It was 1962 when I first tuned-in to "Paul Harvey News" at noon on WLS back when I was a rookie ad salesman for the Grayslake Times.   I pulled my '51 Chevy off the road almost every day at noon and never missed a broadcast.


Paul warned about trade imbalance for as long as I can remember -- explaining how the United States was being taken for a ride by other countries on trade. And, the differential, he warned, would some day become a huge issue. (Nobody listened when the trade balance was only "in the millions.") Now it's trillions.

And, I'm glad the United States is drawing the line in the sand. No more should we tolerate other countries: China was not a factor then ... but, today it's different. And, thanks to the current administration for taking necessary action.

It will be painful for a while, but trade has to be fair. And, it's not. Ignorance in Washington has gotten us here. They weren't heeding Paul's advice. I'm proud of what Paul Harvey gave me and many others in this country. He was right way back then, but now, our current leadership has made him proud.

Larry Leafblad


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