Truths about 'Pritzker's Pleasure Island'

Posted6/20/2019 1:00 AM

I applaud state Rep. Mary Moylan's measured opposition to legalization of marijuana. Rep. Moylan had the foresight and courage to investigate the actual outcomes other states have realized after legalizing the drug in their states.

Expert testimony revealed the economic reality (no increase in state revenues) and social costs (increased auto accidents, usage by children, and product strength variances leading to adverse medical outcomes).


I am appalled by a governor and state legislators who, instead of providing for the common good of each citizen, see only dollar signs as they spin stories of perpetual prosperity. It is shameful for the Illinois state government to prey on the weaknesses of its populace, encouraging addiction while eroding the rule of law.

When did we become legislative ATMs, gubernatorial "cash cows" for the milking?

Spend, Spend, Spend. When was the last time Illinois government exercised good judgment and fiscal responsibility? The Springfield gang needs to rethink untenable expenditures that should never have been approved in the first place. Constitutional pension reform must be effected. Balance the state budget realistically -- cut spending.

Of course gambling and pot sound like easy money and lots more fun. We could change our state motto to lure even more suckers to Pritzker's Pleasure Island: the Land of Pinocchio and the braying burros.

Or we could stop and think like Rep. Moylan.

Sheila M. Barrett

Elk Grove Village

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