Middle class will be first to take tax hit

Posted6/12/2019 1:00 AM

Well, our legislators in Springfield are at it again. Gov. Pritzker touted a graduated state income tax that is not supposed to impact 97% of the people of Illinois. You know, the middle class was not to pay any additional taxes and may even pay less taxes. Really?

Just last week, those same legislators passed a bill to double the gas tax, add $50 to auto registration fees, add $1 tax to a pack of cigarettes, add more gambling venues, increase parking fees and who knows what else may be hidden in that bill? I guess these taxes are meant for those 97% who supposedly would not be affected by the graduated income tax.


Of course, the graduated tax still needs approval by 60% of the people, but this won't happen till 2020 and may not even pass. While we wait and see, the middle class will start paying these new taxes next month when the gas tax takes effect. Long before they begin saving any tax dollars, if they do, they will be digging a little deeper into their pockets.

Since the vote won't happen till 2020, we'll have time to do some homework. Looking at things like losing personal exemptions or real estate tax credits or will the state be given the authority to raise the graduated tax percentage at any time? Are there any plans to cut spending? Even today's paper talks about all the monies that these changes will produce and yet no mention of spending cuts.

We have a big decision to make next year, let's make the right decision and not allow these politicians to treat us like puppets. The choice is ours.

Fred Dryden


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