Moral stench coming from Springfield

Posted6/9/2019 1:00 AM

It was disheartening to see the front page of the Daily Herald plastered with articles on gambling expansion. Of course, it is news and therefore report worthy.

What is our society founded on? Decency, integrity and industriousness? Or is it greed, gluttony and depravity? In one legislative session, the state of Illinois has expanded gambling, legalized pot, and sanctioned infanticide.


All we need now is to legalize prostitution (for the protection of "the girls and boys," of course) and the state of Illinois can play the role of pimp and turn a buck on that, too. What a cesspool. Then there's the looming "fair tax" which is nothing but a bait and switch shell game. Aside from the economic reasons for leaving Illinois, how can any decent person abide the moral stench?

Shirley Bolliger

Rolling Meadows

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