Well, we are tired of the whining

Posted5/30/2019 1:00 AM

In regards to a recent Letter to the Editor regarding "Tired of Winning" -- it appears that spell check was not invoked and I hereby wish to address the following points regarding such things as "remembering when Donald Trump suggested that we'd all be tired of winning once he was elected" -- which I'll get to in a minute -- as well as "are you fatigued yet with North Korean missile launches" -- why in fact -- no -- energized by the knowledge that Mr. Trump is directly addressing the problems on the peninsula -- and a further fatigue question regarding "the soaring prices of store items due to those senseless tariffs" of which I don't feel the author has any real evidence -- and continuing with "how about Iran advancing their nuclear program" -- of which one must assuredly say that The President is actually finally addressing the real underlying problems with Iran -- and a final shot regarding "our planet overheating more rapidly than originally predicted" which somehow (as silly an idea as it is overall) must somehow be attributed to our Man in the Oval Office and I hereby bring things to a close by returning to that original comment regarding Winning by confirming that -- no -- in fact a lot of us are tired of the ongoing Whining that spell check or its real world equivalent -- reality check -- would have promptly brought to the attention of the writer.

John Fischer



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