Let people vote on income tax amendment

Posted5/23/2019 1:00 AM

It is time for a fair income tax in Illinois and for our state legislators to get out of the way. Allow the people of the state to vote on a constitutional amendment to remove the flat-tax straitjacket.

Elimination of the flat-tax structure in favor of a more equitable graduated tax would spare the majority of taxpayers from higher tax bills. The current system doesn't tax where real growth happens -- at the top income brackets. Those at the low end of the income scale currently pay almost twice as much in state and local taxes, as a percentage of income, as those at the top.


Current fair tax proposals in Springfield would cut or freeze taxes for 97% of us, while raising tax rates on only the top 3%. Don't be fooled into thinking that a fair tax would raise taxes on the middle class.

Maryanne O'Dowd

Lake Barrington

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