Critics should actually read Mueller report

Posted5/8/2019 1:00 AM

In reaction to the "reactions" to the Mueller report published on April 29, it struck me that whose who claimed that the investigation was a "witch hunt" based on false premises used similar language and Fox News sound-bites in expressing their opinions. (e.g." anti-Trump team of investigators," "goal to delegitimize the presidency," "hoax," "cabal of bad actors"). I wonder if these opinions actually came from reading the entire Mueller report or have they merely been sucked into the Trump-Fox world of deflection and conspiracy theories?

If one actually reads the report, I do not see how any American would think that our president puts the needs of our country over his own, as he promised to do when he took the oath of office. I trust Congress to make the decision as to impeach or not impeach, but I urge all citizens to actually read the report in its entirety (and I did). Then, vote for someone in 2020 who puts the welfare of all Americans above his/her own self interests.


Katharine Keane


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