Biased news sources


I read Jim Slusher's opinion piece, "Two questions, one answer on reporting" and almost swallowed my morning coffee. He emphatically states that, "Our job is not to feed any specific conclusion." Really. I then looked at every article in the front section of your April 18 print addition and, voila. all your national and state articles are sourced through either the Washington Post or Associated Press.

If you look at the Media Bias/Fact Check web-site, both sources are rated as having a left-center-bias. I then went to your online edition, and it was rife with anti-Trump articles - Barr says Mueller found 10 possible cases of Trump Obstruction, Trump tried to seize control of Mueller probe. Both headline titles infer a conclusion. Again both were written by the aforementioned left-center-bias sources.

If the Daily Herald were truly committed to reporting balanced news, it should include right-center-biased sources

Larry Bisaillon

Lake In The Hills

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