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Good reads

We all know about the success of films based on comic book heroes. But you don't need super powers to do super nice things. Mark Weiss, the founder of the St. Charles charity, ComicBooks for Kids!, shares his passion of the genre by donating new comics to hospitals for kids to read. What a super idea.

What will it take?

Just wondering approximately how many drivers are aware that April is Distracted Driving month. It does seem the even bigger issue of bringing awareness to this never-ending dilemma is why there is even a need to bring awareness. Unfortunately, those who drive distracted have no fear for their lives … or, more important, those of others.

You never know what's ahead

If you were driving distractedly on I-90 near Arlington Heights Road just before noon Thursday, you might have struck a donkey that was wandering in the middle of the expressway. And then who'd be the you-know-what?

Time to stop this goofy 'pastime'

Baseball is a wonderful game except for one cultural norm: the retaliation pitch. Tim Anderson of the White Sox homered earlier this week, flung the bat toward his dugout then circled the bases. Next time up a Kansas City pitcher hit him with a pitch. A ball is a weapon when thrown intentionally at a person's body. This is stupidity. It needs to stop.

Parental advice at the ol' ballgame

Root, root for the home team. Cheer for your kids at local ball fields. Spit your sunflower seeds. But please remember to be an adult. Let coaches coach. Let umps ump. Yes, that was a strike. Sorry, the runner was out. Stay away from the fence by the on-deck area and refrain from giving your professional hitting advice to your kid. Enjoy the game.

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Wherefore art thou, Romeoville?

It wasn't a secret that the Exchange Club of Naperville was looking for a new site for its annual Ribfest celebration beginning in 2020. But hearing this week that the club is negotiating to hold the iconic festival in Romeoville leaves us feeling just a little empty.

Who doesn't like baby animals?

No person we know. And you know who else likes them? Their parents. Valerie Blaine, our columnist and Forest Preserve District of Kane County naturalist, offers a mantra about supposedly abandoned young ones: "If you care, leave it there." Often the parent is watching or nearby getting food. Most rescue attempts don't end well for the animal.

Connection with the world

After much of Notre Dame Cathedral burned in Paris this week, we asked our Facebook fans whether they had ever visited the site. We were flooded with responses, and most people were heartsick. It's another example -- as well as many suburbs' having sister cities in Europe -- of how we in the suburbs can have a lifelong connection with the world.

Your choice, voters

Which would you prefer to make your choices for leaders, people or chance? In Bensenville Elementary District 2, chance became the decider. In a year of low turnout Lori Parthimos and James Stoltman tied for one of the seats with 547 votes. We endorsed both as potentially good school board members, but it's still a shame that Stoltman had to be a winner by coin toss.

Happy holiday

The Jewish holiday of Passover started at sundown Friday and continues with tonight's second Seder. Sunday brings the Christian celebration of Easter. We wish celebrants of both the best as they mark these meaningful spring holidays and remember the deeper meanings behind them.

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