All candidates should have to release taxes

Posted4/20/2019 1:00 AM

As indicated in the April 12 paper, the state Senate has begun to move a bill through the General Assembly that would require all presidential and vice presidential candidates to reveal their federal tax returns, in order to be on the voting ballot in Illinois.

Yet, this type legislation needs to be broadened to also include any individual seeking public office, whether that is for federal, state or municipal office. The time is long past due to provide complete transparency of those that will seek public office, and have powers to determine how the taxpayers' hard earned tax dollars, which they have paid, are to be spent, among other legislation that may affect the citizens.

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In this manner, everyone will be able to view any potential or past conflicts of interests those individuals holding such offices, may have or had in the past, that could benefit themselves, at the expense of the taxpayers.

Just consider all the recent dealings that have come to light, through either investigations on the part of the media or law enforcement of both local and national politicians, who may have been influenced to render legislation, that ended up favoring investments or businesses those same politicians may have had in the private sector.

My view is if you so want to represent the voters and protect their hard-earned tax dollars they give to the government, then step up and provide transparency to those you want to represent. You should have nothing to hide, if you desire to do an honest day's work for the citizens you represent. After all, who's paying those salaries and lucrative benefits to you for your supposed public service in the first place?

Charles Kliche


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