Letter to the editor: 'White Privilege' is an excuse by Democrats for failed policies

Posted4/13/2019 1:00 AM

Is "White Privilege" a reality or an excuse? It seems that over the past five decades, the Democratic Party has made promise after promise to the black communities that have given them unprecedented support at the ballot box but have never reaped any benefits for doing so.

We now know the Democrats never take responsibility for their own failed policies, starting with the Great Society passed in the 1960s, which did more harm than good for the black communities, trapping many in poverty for decades. The education system controlled primarily by Democrats has an abysmal record in minority communities. Do they any responsibility for that? Of course not. So what do they do? They now blame it all on White Privilege instead of examining their own failed policies. Never mind that the majority of federal dollars allocated to urban areas around the country controlled by Democrats tends to be spent in the wealthy communities rather than in the minority neighborhoods where it could be used to provide opportunities to help those in need find work.


Now the idea of reparations is the latest promise the Democrats have come up with to gain support from the black community in a desperate attempt to regain black support after President Donald Trump has signed bills directing monies to impoverished minority communities for development and thus more opportunities.

Trump has done more good in the past two years for the black community than President Obama did in eight years. That has been shown to be perfectly clear.

So, as far as I can see White Privilege is nothing more than the Democrats' latest excuse for their own failed policies.

Martin J. Uttich

Carol Stream

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