Letter: Skillicorn's 'rain tax' argument holds no water

Updated 4/12/2019 6:00 PM

Letter to the Daily Herald editor

On April 9, Allen Skillicorn's letter complained about the "rain tax."

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I, too, worry about random taxes I am forced to pay. In fact, every snowstorm that we have, I feel the same way when I have to pay a "snow" tax to the township to plow my roads. Or when I come across the county repairing potholes I think, "I could have done that!" Or when the roads need to be repaved, I have to think to myself that would be an easy task if I had the machinery.

I'm so glad that Allen is looking out for the taxpayers' money and may be going to volunteer to pave my roads, plow my street and fix my potholes.

I'll be looking for him with the next snow to help shovel the street and save us from over-taxation.

Maybe we could throw in some warm tea, too.

Kevin Brewner

St. Charles

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