To protect Dist. 202 schools, vote no

Posted3/29/2019 1:00 AM

The April 2 Education Reduction Referendum will permanently cut $1.2 million from Lisle District 202's education budget forcing cuts to staff, world languages, band, choir and AP/Honors classes along with increased class sizes.

The part that is really scary is that this would be a permanent cut in funding for all Lisle District 202 schools. Fortunately, there has been a solid effort by parents, students, teachers and lots of Lisle residents who don't have kids in school, walking door to door to discuss the referendum's impact and presenting the facts to inform voters. The website Citizens for Lisle Kids has more facts:


If the referendum passes, Lisle citizens get a small reduction in their annual tax bill but Lisle 202 schools would see a substantial decrease to the funding of the operating budget necessary to maintain our quality programming.

Lisle was just named Niche's No. 4 Best Places to Live in DuPage County and great schools are a large factor.

Vote NO to protect your home's value.

Vote NO to keep our quality educational programs.

Vote "NO" on April 2 to protect high quality schools.

Jane McGrath


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