Local campaigning using out-of-state firms

The local municipal and school board elections on April 2 are important because the men and women we elect will make decisions that can affect us more directly and more immediately than many state or national decisions.

These local candidates live in our community, they are our neighbors, and they are people we can meet and have genuine interactions with. I am concerned about a candidate who hires an out-of-state research firm to find something on his opponent. Hiring opposition research speaks volumes about that candidate. It should tell voters he wants to win at all costs and is getting nervous he may lose. He hopes to find something that will provide propaganda to smear his opponent.

Propaganda starts with a tiny thread of truth spun so thin that it has to be woven into a cloth of untruths. Propaganda is never honest. Propaganda is never transparent. Having resided in Naperville for thirty-nine years, I don't like to see it popping up now in campaigns for city offices. I hope most Naperville voters agree with me.

Naperville has always been better than that.

Beverly George


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