Vote no on Palatine library tax increase

Posted3/27/2019 1:00 AM

Vote no to the proposed Palatine Library referendum. The library budget has enough money and capital reserves to do building repairs and maintenance through current tax rates. The additional tax money they are looking for is said to be for extending library hours, do more remodeling and reconfiguring library spaces. Again! For $2 million-$3 million? Do we really need this? All at our expense!

It will cost most taxpayers who don't live in a "median value" home an additional $100 to $175 every year. That's in addition to the library tax portion you are already paying (about $350-$650 on average per year).


The Palatine Library board is falsely trying to sell us on we'll "only be paying $52 more." Moreover, this increase won't just be for one year. It will be forever! Every year you will pay higher and more taxes! It won't go away.

As usual, it's another governmental body seeking more of our money through higher tax increases and distorted claims. This referendum will only add to increasing your taxes along with the all the other governmental agencies looking to do the same thing to us. That's going to be higher and more taxes you pay every year!

Government needs to live within its means and needs to stop taxing us with higher increases. As you see in the news, higher taxes are causing people to leave our state. Increasingly higher taxes already is having an effect on your home, it decreases your property value!

So in addition to paying higher taxes, you are going to get LESS appreciation toward the value of your home. Who will want to buy your home in the future if the taxes are getting higher and higher? Would you?

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Vote no to the higher tax Palatine library referendum.

Gary Wronkiewicz


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