The better candidate for Wheaton mayor

I'm sorry, Daily Herald, but your Wheaton mayoral endorsement of John Prendiville is laughable.

Phil Suess is a highly qualified candidate with an impressive career in Investment Consulting with many government entity clients and a combined 22 years in dedicated public service to DuĀ­Page County and the City of Wheaton. And you don't like that he can get "riled up"?

I've followed Phil Suess on the Wheaton City Council for 14 years, and I see this as a huge plus. He thoroughly studies the issues, brings great professional expertise to the discussions and isn't afraid to stand up to bad ideas. He is passionate about getting it right for Wheaton. John Prendiville, on the other hand, has a well-documented history of treating people badly while sitting on the Wheaton City Council.

Secondly, John Prendiville's "no-tax-increase tax increase" solution to increased revenue is an absolute joke. There is no such thing. All you have to do is look at his voting record to see that he loves spending money and raising taxes. And I'm certainly not interested in who he "gets along with." I want a mayor who's not obsessed with rubbing elbows with insiders and does what's best for our community over himself.

Lastly, you mention that "Wheaton residents won't be going into hock anytime soon to pay for street repairs." You can thank Phil Suess for that.

If you want voters to take your endorsements seriously in the future, you need to do your homework, Daily Herald. In the meantime, my friends, my family and I will be voting for Phil Suess. We know the facts.

Mary Plunkett


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