How sweet it is to silence critics

Posted3/26/2019 1:00 AM

No American colluded or conspired. Simple English every American can understand. Yet, additionally, both Rod Rosenstein and the attorney general in their review of Mueller's report said nothing they saw evidenced obstruction. End of story.

Since Friday the 22nd I have sat on the edge of my chair, as if watching the ultimate thriller movie, hearing a crescendo akin to a rabid blood lust of a pack of coyotes. The entire weekend they were apoplectic. But when Sunday afternoon arrived to their utter dismay, they came face to face with reasoned truth, and with their tails between their legs ran into the darkness of the woods once blazed by Hillary Clinton in the aftermath of her loss.


Now, the American people want their legislators to get back to work and address our safety and well-being. Unfortunately, the coyotes' blazing eyes appearing from the darkness of the woods forebode a more sinister future for us all.

This once again proves that "This is the way the world of the Democratic left and their minions ends, not with a bang, but a whimper." My fervent wish, may they and the never-Trumpers wander forever within those woods and never find their way out. Oh, "How sweet it is."

William S. Anderson


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