Mailer is disservice to idea of non-partisan elections

Posted3/25/2019 1:00 AM

On April 2, we have the opportunity to once again participate directly in the operation of our society, by voting in our municipal nonpartisan elections. Nonpartisan races put the candidates directly in contact with their constituents, and are there to put the best person for the job, as decreed by the voters, in to office.

Nonpartisan means free from party affiliation, bias, or designation -- designated as such since there shouldn't be a partisan/party way of discharging the duties of that office. In such elections, we're free to support whichever candidate we feel is best for the job, regardless of party affiliation.


Therefore, the Batavia Township Republicans actually do a disservice to their members by sending out a mailing as they did recently, and reported on by the Daily Herald. Such a piece puts Party over Policy, and promotes issues that actually have little to nothing to do with the individual races being decided. If the only reason a person should be voted for is their Party outside of their qualifications for the office they seek, what does that say about the both the person or the office?

We each have candidates we know and support, and some of us even work on their campaigns. But we do so because we feel they're the right people to discharge the duties of the office, not because of ideology. We should work to fill the office with ideas, not ideologues, and choose the right people to get the job(s) done.

Howard Katz, Chair

Batavia Township Democrats

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