Alderman has been prudent financial steward


As a resident in Geneva's 5th Ward for over 15 years, I have witnessed our city council make some difficult decisions. Running city government is not an easy task and one has to be mindful of not only how decisions will affect the residents today but also what the consequences will be for the future. These decisions have to maintain financial balance as well as lifestyle balance, and Alderman Craig Maladra has been a consistent and successful voice in this regard.

Mr. Maladra remains a steady and thoughtful presence on Geneva's city council which is why he deserves our support and another term. Contrary to what his opponent, Tom Simonian, may be touting, Mr. Maladra is prudent when considering budgetary proposals to keep our city functioning properly and strives to make sure our collective finances are well spent. And, when it comes to new development, Mr. Maladra values what the majority of our residents believe would be most beneficial for the entire community.

He isn't interested in simply allowing a business owner to take advantage of legally attained tax credits without making sure that the business will make Geneva a better place to live. That is how one works to maintain a financial balance and a lifestyle balance.

After witnessing his brash performance at the recent League of Women Voters' forum and receiving his mailer full of disinformation, I am convinced that if Mr. Simonian successfully unseats our current alderman, then he would yet again prove himself to be a non-compromising and aggressive member of Geneva's city council. I am not interested with having my community sold out to the highest bidder or having my city services diminished simply due to ideology.

Billy Malecki


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