Incumbents have shown good judgment

Posted3/23/2019 1:00 AM

I support Stephanie Clark and Kurt Buchholz for re-election to the Glen Ellyn District 41 school board.

Clark and Buchholz stand for fiscal responsibility. They were prudent in setting a dollar amount for the 2017 referendum that was barely approved by the community. Some citizens urged the board to ask voters to roll over the entire amount of the bonds being retired from a 1997 building referendum. Clark and Buchholz decided that was unnecessary, given the district was running a small surplus.


Also, they recognized that the community appreciates any property tax relief they can get, especially in light of DuPage County's huge reassessment in 2015. The funds from the 2017 referendum were used to eliminate all portables, implement life-safety measures, and make all schools ADA accessible.

Clark and Buchholz are also prudent when it comes to implementing changes that affect student learning. District 41's reputation draws families to Glen Ellyn. There is no need to rush into across-the-board change to teaching methods or curriculum, because our student outcomes are high.

D41 has the luxury of keeping abreast of new ideas, while taking a wait-and-see attitude until outcome data is available from elsewhere. Making our children guinea pigs is unconscionable. A two-three year trial doesn't sound long to adults, but two-three years is half a child's time in elementary school. Who wants their son or daughter to be on the wrong side of a pilot program?

Vote No. 1 and No. 2 on the ballot for Clark and Buchholz.

Lea Anne Howell

Glen Ellyn

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