Congress doesn't act in people's interest


Congress is so dysfunctional, why are they getting a salary? They think murdering is OK for late-term abortion or a baby born after an abortion. They take care of the woman but leave the baby to die. That's called murder. Look at those fingers and toes. There are so many couples that would love to adopt.

What about the immigration problem. We can't physically handle the people coming over our border illegally and keep drugs out. Yet we have homeless, veterans and starving children who are citizens of America. Who comes first? We can't do both with the numbers coming across our borders. Help us.

Congress is going to spend our money interviewing 81 people to get the President. Congress is showing their real colors. They can't stand our president so let's get him at all costs. Well, stop this insanity and wait till 2020. Let the people speak at the voting booth.

I love America, and I wish Congress would put this country first instead of their own interest. Stop paying their salary. They are not doing the people's business. This is why they have such a low rating.

Linda Fisher

Mount Prospect

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