Collaboration is key issue for Geneva schools


When I research who I will support in any election, I always start by identifying what the main issues are that need to be addressed. In the coming election for Geneva School Board, the main issues center around collaboration and communication between the school board and the educators in Geneva.

While we should all be thankful for the fiscal stewardship that has put the district on a sound path moving forward, it is time to focus on relationships and collaboration. It was concerning at the recent League of Women Voters Forum to hear a number of candidates express a desire to "turn the page" or "put this behind us" without offering specifics on examining how Geneva ended up having the first strike in the history of the district. To move on without a plan to reestablish the strong collaboration that Geneva used to enjoy is not fair to all the members of the community that were impacted by the strike.

I am finishing my 20th year teaching in Geneva. I have been here long enough to have known the district when collaboration between educators and the school board was the envy of other communities. The support of this district was instrumental in helping me grow into the educator I am today.

I want that for the next generation of educators so the next generation of Geneva students receives the quality education Genevans deserve. This collaboration is why my wife and I moved here, and chose this district for our four children.

The candidates that have most directly shown an understanding of the main issues in this election are Katherine Frye, Alicia Saxton and Robert Cabeen. They have shown they are committed to working hard to reestablish the standard of collaboration and communication that Geneva deserves. They have my vote.

Jason Flaks


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